Popcorn Cranberry Wooden Garland – Realistic Pop Corn and Rustic Red Wood Beaded Christmas Tree Decorations Garland Bead Strand

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  • Red Cranberries and Popped Corn Holiday Decoration Garlands look ideal around your tree.
  • Each bead is small and made of real wood, and the whole garland is 9’ long, great for decor.
  • The garland can be hung above of the mantlepiece, wrapped around the Christmas tree, as table decor.
  • These mini berry balls make a large decorating string that’s great for artificial and natural trees.
  • Ornativity manufacturers their items with care and quality to enhance your Christmas Experience.
Burgundy Berries and Popcorn Wooded Beads Strand is ideal for decorating any space. It can be used in your home to hang over a door, in a master bedroom, in a foyer, in a dining room or living room, above the mantel over the fireplace, and many more places. It can be used as a decorative party supply or as a Christmas tree decoration. It will add a vintage country farmhouse look to your room, especially on Christmas. These ornament beads can be used to decorate your tree. They work very well with a star topper. It can be used as a loose garland draped around the tree, or a decoration for the tree collar. These fake dried cranberry and popcorn beads can also be used for other crafts ideas like designing a primitive scene or decorating ornaments and walls with a modern holiday decoration. These rattan strings can be used outdoor to decorate a Christmas tree, or as spring and fall decorations for the yard. It can also be used as cool wall hangings or mantel knick knacks along with pottery and a photo frame. These bead strands are a great decorator for trees all year round, especially when Xmas comes around. Though they may be too small for a miniature tree, they will definitely work for most other size trees.

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