Glitter Star Tree Topper - Christmas Sparkle Filled Metal Bethlehem Star Ornament

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  • Star Tree Top Decoration will give any Christmas tree a uniquely polished look.
  • This Xmas tree topper measures 11" x 9.5" and has a spiral wire for secure attachment to tree top.
  • The unique designed topper will add a perfect glistening effect on various themed Christmas Trees.
  • The glittered Topper can act as a centerpiece enhancement to your table, desk or any flat surface.
  • Ornativity manufacturers their items with care and quality to enhance your Christmas Experience.
Tree topper has a 3D star shaped metal rim that outlines the sparkly star ornament. The interior area is covered in a layer of glitter which adds a sparkle to the topper. Since the topper is made in neutral colors it is great for use on all sorts of decorated trees. The gold and silver metallic combination will reflect any surrounding lights which will create a glistening effect. This tree topper is super lightweight and has a metal coil holder at the bottom which will allow for simple and sturdy attachment to any tree top. The decorative ornament will have a major effect on the complete look of your tree, it will add a glow to your holiday. The star symbolizes the great Star of Bethlehem from the nativity story of the Gospel of Matthew, which is celebrated on Christmas. This masterpiece is finished with a layer of high-quality glitter, which will avoid the mess usually caused by glittered products. The star shaped tree topper will complement your tree to its utmost level. Your home will have an exclusive holiday vibe, when attaching this to the top of your Christmas tree.

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