Ornativity Snowman Hat Tree Topper - Snow Man Top Hat Christmas Tree Top Decorations With Plaid Red Ribbon And Mistletoe Holly And Berry

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Ornativity Fancy Felt Caroling Hat is an adult size Victorian era tall hat with a buffalo plaid ribbon. This cool stove top hat can be used by kids and adults for an ugly sweater competition headwear, since it has the check ribbon embellishment. This is the type of hat worn by the showman in a tuxedo, but it can also be put on for a steampunk or snowman costume. This hat makes a great decoration for a ringmaster or circus themed birthday party. It can be put on a decorative skeleton for Halloween or used for a Day of the Dead costume. It can also be used as part of a choir costume, especially in middle of the winter. This large hat is a great ornament to hang on your tree, along with other exotic ornaments. It is also ideal as a tree topper, especially for a frosted tree in a winter setting. The snowman hat can also be used as party centerpieces at a buffalo winter, red and black, or Christmas themed party. It can also be used as a costume accessory for girls and boys who love pretend play and dressing up in other costume accessories.

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