Black Ornament Display Stand - Air Plant Terrarium Planter or Crystal Glass Witch Ball Holder Table Top Party Decorations Stands with Hanger Hook - Pack of 4

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  • Standing Ornaments Hooks are ideal for desktop or tabletop Christmas or Easter decor.
  • Each iron stand is 9" tall by 4" wide and has a curved in hanger for hanging any type of ornaments.
  • The decorative wire air plants and paper lantern holders can also be used for crafts or a pendulum.
  • Ideal metal hangers to hang and display a decoration lantern, a small gazing ball, and more objects.
  • Ornativity manufacturers their items with care and quality to enhance your Christmas Experience.
Ornament and Art Displays can stand on a shelf or table with party themed decorations, or in a vendors store to display goods. This shepherds hook is 9" tall and can be used to hold crafts at a craft shows or a fair. Each stand is single standing and has just one hook to make sure whatever is displayed is easily viewed. This ornament stand rack is ideal for a globe, a family tree, cool paper lanterns, or to display a craft hobby. It can hold a tiny wreath and it has a free standing base so it can stand anywhere. This can be in a shop window, on a box, at a wedding party, or to display a large family photo. These stands are the ideal terrarium holders for they are suspended in the air yet visible to all. Fill your terrarium globe holders with air plants or cool crafts and display it on a bookshelf or in a study. It will give the room a real cool, relaxing and inviting feel. These stands are great on a kitchen counter for they can be washed with soap and water if they get dirty. These stands are also ideal if you are throwing any type of party. Just place one of these in the center of your table and hang something party related onto it, and you are good to go!!

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