Candy Corn Home Decorations - Rustic Wooden Painted Fall Shelf Sitters Farmhouse Mantel Shelves and Tabletop Ornament Decor - Set of 3

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  • Cute Halloween and Thanksgiving Wood Windowsill Ornaments are ideal counter signs.
  • The set includes 3 sizes candy corn blocks, and work well with other decorative items for autumn.
  • They are great for a housewarming party set in October or November, or as seasonal office decor.
  • Each block is stable and can stand above a fireplace or any indoor flat surface, like a table top.
  • Ornativity manufacturers their items with care and quality to enhance your Christmas Experience.
Fake Wooden Halloween Candy Sign is a great gift for people who have mantels above their fire place. They coordinate well with other fall decoration ideas, like word block letters, saying banners, a garland or quotes. It can also work with any pumpkin or harvest theme decor. These blocks can be put on a desk, by the wall behind the kitchen counter, or on the hearth. Deck your house out in finest harvest and Thanks Giving theme decor and these aesthetic blocks will provide the finishing touch! They can work well for any season, but they work best in the fall, when the colors are yellows and browns. These blocks don't each have a letter on them that spells out a word, so that if one block falls, it won't completely ruin your decorations. These cute candy corn blocks will make all visitors happy, even those who just come by to say hello. These blocks can be used as a standing centerpiece on the coffee table in the family room, outdoor on an indoor porch, or in a bedroom. Please note that it is not recommended to leave these blocks outdoors because they cannot withstand the elements.

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