Christmas Deluxe Nutcracker Set – Glittered Wooden Hanging Tree Ornament or Mini Nutcracker Men Xmas Themed Holiday Nut Cracker Doll Figures Decorations - Set of 5

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  • Small Nutcrackers are the ideal decorative figures for an Xmas themed Holiday party.
  • Features a scarecrow, witch, toy soldier ballerina, baker and wine maker men measuring 5 in height.
  • There's nothing that shows Christmas time is here like a nutcracker hanging on your Christmas tree.
  • The nutcrackers have wooden platforms for flat surface displays and strings for tree attachment.
  • Ornativity manufacturers their items with care and quality to enhance your Christmas Experience.
Wooden Holiday Decorative Nut Crackers Deluxe Set are the ideal nutcrackers for a Candyland themed Christmas! This cute set includes 5 different glitter characters with unique designs. There is a wine maker that is dressed in a white shirt with a red vest, green pants, and a wine barrel on his head. The wine barrel has grapes hanging out of the sides of it. There is a baker who is dressed in a waffle designed jacket and brown pants. He is wearing a baker’s hat accented with candy. The baker is holding a gingerbread cookie in his hand. There is a toy soldier ballet nutcracker who is dressed in a red jacket with green trim accented in gold, and green pants. He is wearing a hat that looks like a decorated Christmas tree with a ballerina dancing before it. There is a witch or wizard nutcracker wearing a purple suit, a black cloak, and a pointed witch hat. He is holding a golden staff in his hand. There is also a scarecrow nutcracker dressed in earthen tones with an owl perched on his head. Each of these nutcrackers are standing on a wooden platform that is flat and will be stable on most surfaces. The nutcrackers also have gold string attached to their hats for easy application on your Christmas tree. These dual purpose nutcracker will look good when it is part of an army of nutcrackers of all styles, shapes and sizes. Those can include a cowboy, an Uncle Sam, a soldier, a basketball, baseball, football or soccer player, a personal shopper, a golfer, a nurse, a firefighter, a fisherman, an astronaut, a farmer, a snowman, a gingerbread, a cheerleader, a graduate, a mountain climber, Mrs Claus, a steampunk, a bride and groom, a Hawaii native, a doctor, a mermaid, a Viking, a police officer, or a traditional toy soldier. These nutcrackers are a favorite among kids! Get this pack and your girl or boy will be ecstatic!!

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