Flower Snowflake Tree Topper - Silver Glitter Intricate Designed Floral Snowflake Shaped Ornament with Sparkling Gem Detailed Christmas Star Tree Top Decorations

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  • Ornativity Silver Xmas decoration is a pretty ornament which will create a sparkle in your home.
  • This bling lightweight tree topper is 11.5" and has a spiral wire for simple and secure attachment.
  • The unique glitter finish and the silver jewels catch the light and add a modern holiday vibe.
  • This stunning bright tree topper would complete a look of a traditional elegant Christmas home.

Ornativity Glittered Snowflake Tree Topper has little silver gems attached in strategic places, which add a beautiful decorative touch to the ornament. The silvery treetop decoration will glisten and reflect any lights that are hung throughout the area and will complete the winter wonderland feel you are aiming for. Because of its metallic and refined silver finish, this topper allows for the use on various themed trees. Its great quality allows for firm support on the tree and can be stored and reused. This item is made with high quality glitter to prevent the unwanted messes during the holiday season. When Christmas is over, the tree topper can act as a steady decoration for your table, shelf, or piano top. Keeping the topper as a decoration will extend the Christmas mood in your home. This medium sized metal lightweight tree topper is coated in a layer of silver glitter and has a spiral wire connected at the bottom allowing for secure attachment to a tree. The spiral is made sturdy so it can stand on a flat surface. Your holiday spirit will be enhanced to an extraordinary level with this wintery holiday item.

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