Wooden Peppermint Christmas Nutcracker - Red, White and Green Glitter Candy Themed Holiday Nut Cracker Doll Figure Toy Soldier Decorations

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  • Soldiers in Uniform Figurine Nutcrackers are the ideal figures for a Xmas Holiday party.
  • The nutcracker is 15" tall and stands prominently on the windowsill, mantel, or kitchen table.
  • There's nothing that shows Christmas time is here like nutcracker displayed one the dining table.
  • The nutcracker has a functional wooden lever and makes for a great home decoration for Christmas.
  • Ornativity manufacturers their items with care and quality to enhance your Christmas Experience.
Wooden Soldier Nut crackers are the ideal nutcrackers for a Candyland themed Christmas! It has a peppermint uniform and is all red, white and green, like the Christmas candy themed colors. This nutcracker will look good when paired up with candy ornaments, a frosted tree, a candy cane garland, a candy themed tree topper, and more. This nutcracker also looks good when it is part of an army of nutcrackers, including a cowboy, an African American, an Uncle Sam, a military Navy Seal, Air Force, or Marine Corps soldier, a mouse or rat king, a chef, a basketball player, a pirate, a nurse, a fireman or firefighter, a penguin, a chubby patriotic soldier, a Mexican, a golfer, a Halloween female, a sugar plum fairy, a Scottish native, an Irish, a fisherman, a hunter hunting game, a football star, a doctor, a mermaid, a Viking, a police officer, an elf, an Italian, a Hawaiian, a dinosaur, a gnome, or a traditional toy soldier. This nutcracker is a favorite among kids! Get this nutcracker any your girl or boy will be ecstatic!!

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