Huge Gift Wrap Bag - Large Plastic Red Wrapping Bags for Jumbo Birthday Christmas Holiday Graduation Gifts and Festive Parties

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  • Extra Large Big Bag is the ideal giftbag made to cover oversized gifts like a bike or TV.
  • Each bag is 60" wide and 72" tall, the perfect size for boxes of any jumbo item like a stroller.
  • This mega sack will easily become the biggest gift package your child has ever received for a bday.
  • This Christmas Sack is ideal for a yard decoration if placed next to Santa and filled with leaves.
  • Ornativity manufacturers their items with care and quality to enhance your Christmas Experience.
Huge Red Wrapping Bag is the ideal gift bag for any little kid, toddler, or teen, to be used on Christmas or on a birthday. This bag can be used to put all present merchandise into, or to cover a gigantic gift like a TV or bike. This bag can also be used as decorative supplies for your outdoor yard. When doing a Merry Christmas theme, add this bag near your Santa Claus and it will look like he's on the way with all his gifts from the North Pole! Using this bag as a leaf bag will make it look nice and full. This bag will make a statement, weather its indoors with the party or outdoors on your lawn. This bag easily covers your largest oversize gifts like a bicycle, guitar, television, kitchen corner, and is a sac that will get your girls and boys excited! This bag can be the great decorative addition for your baby shower, bridal shower, children's birthday party, anniversary, a bachelorette party, or any other party you are throwing. It is a neutral red which works well with Xmas and will most kids birthday themes. This is a must have at a party thrown for any young girl or boy!

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