Rattan Star Tree Topper - Christmas Rustic LED Light Up Tree Topper Decoration

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  • Xmas Lighted Tree Topper is a great way to decorate any size tree for the holidays.
  • This tree top decoration measures 12 x 10 and will illuminate your home with its unique lights.
  • This rattan star tree topper has a rough yet gorgeous natural look and gives off a warm glow.
  • The metal spiral wire at the bottom allows for safe and secure attachment to your treetop.
  • Ornativity manufacturers their items with care and quality to enhance your Christmas Experience.
Rattan Tree Topper Ornament is easy to set up and there is a string with 50 bulbs on it. They are led warm ambient glow fairy lights which will brighten the room. The string lights can be wrapped around the rattan star decoration to complete the unique look. It has a USB plug, so it can be powered by laptops, power banks, USB adapters, phone chargers, etc. The topper will brighten your home with its glistening effect and will add to the holiday scene in your home. The warm white lighting color will spread the perfect mood across your home. The Rattan Star measures 10.2 x 12. The led string lights measure 23ft, 16.5ft for the bulbs and another 6.5ft for easy reach to a USB port. This tree topper includes a rattan Christmas tree star topper, a spring base, a remote control and USB powered 50 LED copper string lights. There are the 8 lighting effects which can be set including, combination, in wave, sequential, slow glow, chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle/flash and steady on. Once the timer function is selected the lights will turn on in the pre-programmed timing sequence of 6 hours on and 18 hours off over each 24-hour period. This will continue until the lights are switched off or the remote battery power dies. When using the remote, make sure its pointed at the USB plug for it to work, the signal receiver is built into the USB plug. This ornamental masterpiece will be the perfect addition to your Christmas tree top.

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