Red and White Ornaments - Shiny Red and White Ball Ornament with Realistic Holly Leaf and Red Cranberry Berries with Rustic Candy String Christmas Tree Decoration Set - Pack of 10

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  • Red Holly Berry Ornament Ball Decorations are great ornaments for any indoor Xmas tree.
  • Each shatterproof Xmas ball is 2.4" x 2.4" and has a large twine string for easy, secure attachment.
  • These holly berry balls are big enough for large trees and small enough for to fit average trees.
  • These decorated balls work well with elegant and modern decor and blends with other decorations.
  • Ornativity manufacturers their items with care and quality to enhance your Christmas Experience.
Rustic Country Unbreakable Farmhouse Ornament Sets are the ideal bundle of ornaments, perfect for your home and office Christmas tree. These holiday ornaments can be used indoors in a house, or outdoors on a covered porch. The style works well with most Xmas themes including a Candyland theme, a Winter Wonderland theme, a Rustic Country Christmas theme, and more. These ornaments are versatile and can work when using a garland to drape around the tree and then hanging up a few ornaments, or when they are hanging on a tree with a bulk of other ball and other types of ornaments. Whey work well with the primitive look and will look great in a little woodland cabin or with other farm house themed natural wildlife decor. These berry balls have a unique design and are popular for most style trees, including old fashioned ones. They work well when hanging together with wooden animals, acorns, other woodsy ornaments like birds, a pinecone, a frosted acorn, a red berry ornament, and more. Get these Ornaments for your tree and you will not be disappointed!!

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