Strawberry Toy Soldier Nutcracker - Strawberry Hat with Cupcake Scepter King Theme Christmas Nutcracker Figure Holiday Decoration

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  • Strawberry King Nutcracker is a great addition to your Xmas theme decorated home.
  • This toy soldier nutcracker measures 15" tall and will complete the Christmas look in your home.
  • The unique nutcracker decor will look amazing on your counter top, table, shelf, mantel, etc.
  • This strawberry king nutcracker will add holiday delight to your home with its cheerful touch.
  • Ornativity manufacturers their items with care and quality to enhance your Christmas experience.
Strawberry King with Cupcake Scepter Nutcracker wears a decorative toy soldier suit accented with gold fringe shoulder caps and colorful gemstones. He holds a scepter with a cupcake top in one hand, while the other hand is straight down. The nutcracker is standing on a round sturdy platform that is painted red and will ensure he doesn’t tip over. Nutcrackers are said to represent power and strength and serve as a trusty watch dog guarding your family from evil spirits and danger. Add a unique but festive touch to your holiday or home decor with this nutcracker figure. It will be perfect for decorating your home. The nutcracker measures 15" x 4" x 3.5" and is a high-quality masterpiece which can easily be stored and reused yearly. This nutcracker would make a wonderful holiday gift for your family and friends.

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