Peppermint Candy Ornament Set – Christmas Candy Cane Shatterproof Candy Balls Hanging Ornaments for Indoor or Outdoor Christmas Tree – 1 Dozen

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  • Candy Themed Home Decor Tree Decorations Set includes 12 candy themed ornaments.
  • Each Holiday Party Ornament is 4.5” tall with a red and white string that hangs 3.5” from the tree.
  • The balls are shatterproof and work for a candy theme to create a magnificent Christmas Tree.
  • This set creates the Holiday mood you are trying to create for your indoor or outdoor home or party.
  • Ornativity manufacturers their items with care and quality to enhance your Christmas Experience.
Pepper Mint Candy Land Themed Christmas Tree Ornaments set is the ideal ornament kit to create your dream Christmas tree. It’s the perfect holiday décor for any setting, including your home, your office, a corporate party room, a commercial business conference room tree, and more. Ornativity ensures each ornament is made of shatterproof materials, without compromising on beauty. As a result, these balls are the combination of beauty and practicality! They are the ideal decorations for a home with kids or pets, where the ornaments need to be beautiful but unbreakable. This set includes peppermints designs on standard ball ornaments, with a red and white striped rope string to hang them from your tree. The ball ornaments included are lightweight and will hold, even on the thinnest branch. These ornaments are a favorite among kids and will get them drooling before they even got any candy. Get this peppermint candyland Christmas themed ornament set and you will not be disappointed!

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