Snowman Head Tree Topper - Xmas Holiday Tree Top Winter Snow Man Topper Ornament Decoration for Christmas Tree

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  • Snowman Head Tree Topper is the ideal topper for your winter Christmas Holiday tree.
  • The snowman head is 10" tall and it has a 3" opening on the bottom for secure attachment to tree.
  • The snowman head connects like a tree topper and will complete your winter wonderland theme look!!
  • This ideal winter theme Snowman Christmas tree topper will bring the Christmas feel into your home.
  • Ornativity manufacturers their items with care and quality to enhance your Christmas Experience.
Large Frosty Snowmen Head Tree Toppers Decorations is the ideal lightweight tree topper with a funny face and a top hat. Each of the hats have some felt holly and tiny red artificial berries. This topper works for most trees from small ones to really big ones. The rest of the tree can be decorated with streamers, snowballs or a big bow and it will not take away from the cuteness of this topper! Included in your purchase is one white snowman head with an attached black top hat and orange carrot nose. The snowman heads have black beaded eyes, a black metal wire mouth, and a carrot orange nose. This is a fun topper that kids love, and it blends well with any winter theme. It doesn't matter if the other ornaments are with a winter theme, a Santa theme, an elf theme, an American theme or a Hannukah theme, this topper will make your Christmas tree! Get this cool tree topper and you and your children will not be disappointed! It will brighten up even the dullest Christmas ever encountered!!

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