Star Tree Topper - Christmas Glitter Star Ornament Treetop Decoration (Silver)

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  • Xmas Glittered Star Topper will glisten at the top of your decorated Christmas Tree.
  • This star tree topper measures 9" x 8" and is crafted of high-quality unique silver shimmery wire.
  • The wire is delicately winded back and forth creating an intricate and beautiful star tree topper.
  • There is a secure spiral wire at the bottom which helps with simple attachment to your treetop.
  • Ornativity manufacturers their items with care and quality to enhance your Christmas Experience.
Glittered Star Tree Topper is finished in a layer of glitter and is topped with shiny sequins to add to the brightness of the topper. When it sparkles at the top, this Christmas tree topper will elaborate the beauty of your designed holiday tree. This topper is formed in a 3D star shape, which is hollow at the inside, allowing surrounding lights to shine through and creating an exclusive effect. The high-quality lightweight topper will allow for easy storage and reuse yearly. There is an attached coil holder at the bottom which is super secure and will make attaching the topper so much simpler. This Christmas star tree topper can be a perfect gift that your family and friends will greatly appreciate. This will enhance the holiday spirit in your home with an extra glittery twinkle.

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