White Owl Statue Figurine - Animal Sculpture Home Decoration for Bedroom Living Room Kitchen Office Bathroom House Decor Figurines

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  • Statues Owls Sculptures Paperweight is the ideal accessory for Halloween and Christmas.
  • This snowy owl is 4.5" tall and 4" wide, ideal as a table center piece for a spooky themed party.
  • This desktop shelf figures decorative owl is great to give as a collectible item to owl lovers.
  • Add this Bohemian Birds ornament to your shelf or dresser for a spiritual feel on Christmas.
  • Ornativity manufacturers their items with care and quality to enhance your Christmas Experience.
Monochrome Boho Western Modern Accent Owl Shelves Ornaments are cute tribal accents accessories for a baby nursery for it has a soothing effect on boys and girls who look at it. It is a great Xmas predator prop for mantel pieces, a restroom, a Holiday nativity scene, at an animals themed birthday party, and more. This awesome realistic owl is a replica of an ordinary barn or farm owl. It is artificial and will work great with other animal style stuff. It can be put out on a patio, a garden, or kept indoors protected from the snow. It makes a cute autumn decoration that can be on your best friend owl lover patio, while being used to scare away unwanted birds. These decoys are great for houses but can be used in a classroom to teach about different animals. They make classy centerpieces for a pretty dining party, or even when one sets them down on a coffee tabletop. These fake porch figure centerpiece owls can be used as a stylish paper weight a chrome style art filled rooms. Get these creepy collectibles as gifts for owl lovers and they will be through the roof with joy!!

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