Wooden Block Nativity Scene - Black Silhouette Christmas Figures on White Painted Wood Blocks Indoor Nativity Table Top Set Decorations - 1 Set

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  • Indoors Tabletop Christian Creche Set consists of 4 blocks depicting the birth of Jesus.
  • The holy figurines sets have 4 blocks that are 3.5" in width and each block is a different height.
  • This simple vintage decoration looks good in the family room, on a mantle, or on a large table.
  • This figurine decor set is kids friendly and can be used as a unique, modern or rustic centerpiece.
  • Ornativity manufacturers their items with care and quality to enhance your Christmas Experience.
Religious Farmhouse Mantel Ornament is the ideal Christmas decoration that will bring joy to your home. The set consists of 4 blocks, one depicting Mary, one depicting Father Josef, one depicting baby Jesus, and one depicting the star of Bethlehem at night as seen from afar. This small set is ideal for folks who enjoy neat, artistic holiday decorations for they are white and black and made of symmetrical wooden blocks. These blocks are durable and will withstand most abuse from kids and pets. The blocks are sturdy and should not tip over, except when shaken too much. This set works well with many Christmas themes, including a winter wonderland theme because the blocks are white and black. It also works very well for a rustic theme because the blocks are made of painted wood. Additionally, it will look great with farmhouse decor. This will also blend with a Candyland theme because of the neutral colors of the blocks. Wherever these nativity scenes are added to, they will fit right in and add a cute, religious vibe to your home!!

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